• Entry Requirements

  • I’d love to hear you say you meditate for an hour every day! And that you have  been meditating at a deep level for many  years, and now want to teach!

    Still, the entry criteria for this teacher training are that you do meditate and that you have been meditating - however you can - for at least a year. Simple.

    That’s getting in.  

  • After I'm accepted, what then?

    Ok, so you've been accepted. But then there is the commitment to meditation, too.  You can’t teach surfing if you have only waded at the shore. You can’t teach health and nutrition if your regular diet is pizza.  So yes, one year anyway you can, but you have to be willing to practice at least half an hour a day, and to learn a lot more about meditation than you probably do at present.

    By the end of your training you will know much much more about meditation, not just a single method, and why different ways of meditating can be helpful at different times of a person’s life.

    The quickest route to understanding why is to notice your own mind – in meditation.

    And mindfulness is to be able to keep a meditative awareness while the mind is busy doing what minds do…

    The course is a wonderful time of expansion and of becoming aware of how your mind creates your sense of self, in a way that you were never aware of before. And so, as you learn the art of practical teaching, you will be better placed to understand the folks who come to you… and offer them real assistance.

    By 2021 you will have at least the 2 years practice which is the requirement to join Meditation Australia (along with some other things that you'll study during the year). 

    Looking forward to meeting you