• Mindful Flow Yoga


    Strengthen Abs and Pelvic floor


  • Moment by moment real awareness of our sensory state is part of Mindfulness. Ordinarily, we act as though our “self” is what the mind does. So we’ll have a cup of coffee but 10 minutes later, we wonder if it is time for a cuppa. Because the mind can conceptualise so easily, we may feel as though the body drags on us instead of keeping up. Or we might have a disconnect between how the body truly is – older than “we” would like, fatter, less strong, etc. Yet the truth may be that “we” are a psycho-physiological organism and our notion of being a mind that rules a body separate from itself is fanciful. If anything, the mind’s notion of what “we” are is the fancy, that finds no footing in a realist experience of self. Read more at Spiritual Body by Mataji.

    Some ways of developing sensory awareness are offered through our body-mind classes, which are small and intimate.


    Why get into a downward facing dog?  Certainly for the stretch. Also to be mindful as your body moves.  But the bigger issue of Yoga is that it is meant to take us into a state of steadiness in ourselves, and great easefulness in ourselves.  These classes are about stretching (that's normal) and mindfulness in moving (not so common) and to develop great ease with ourselves (very rare!)

    Taught by Danni Brown, Principal of the Australian College of Classical Yoga, and who is a sensitive and versatile teacher.

    These classes are small and booking is essential


    Time: Mondays 6.00pm OR 8.00 pm

    Teacher: Danni Brown, B.Ed.(Deakin) Dip Classical Yoga, Dip Meditation and Mindfulness, Principal of Australian College of Classical Yoga
    Location: 6A Main St Blackburn


    For seniors and taught by a senior - who knows from experience that if we do not pay attention to our abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, we soon become prone to the catastrophe of atrophy - belly sag,  and internal organs sagging by gravity... with predictable consequences. 

    This is not a matter of being thin - it is quite possible to have an ample figure and a good padding of body fat - it is about holding internal organs safe and sound where they started from!!

    And if you are not quite a senior yet, good to train your attention where it counts, now!

    Tuesdays 10 am

    • Abs 
    • Pelvic Floor 
    • and ease out with a guided Shavasana (Yogic corpse pose....the ultimate antidote to worry)

    Starts  Tuesday 19th March

    Teacher: Mataji

    $20 casual. $175 for 10 weeks

    Concession: 10% discount




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