• Meditation

  • Learn Meditation and Mindfulness

    A structured 6-week program that teaches you how to meditate in stillness, and how to take a meditative awareness – that is, mindfulness – into daily activity.

    The program has:
    No religion
    No New Age philosophy
    No yoga philosophy
    No visualisation or guided imagery
    No music or external aids
    Nothing but quieting the busy mind

    How do we do it?
    We will teach you methods that help the mind towards the point that it can let go
    We will mentor your practice
    We will help you establish a regular practice
    You will learn to bring meditative principles into daily life
    You will consider the obstacles to letting go

    Next Program Starts Wednesday 24th of July 2019

  • About Meditation Instruction

    Meditation instruction ought to leave you capable of meditating without any dependence on a teacher, or on an app, or on music.  Understanding how your mind interfaces with your experience of reality is part of the learning and motivates us to meditate. 

  • About Still-mind meditation

    Stillness of mind was the original form of meditation. The purpose was to take the focus off everyday thoughts, and of thoughts about past or future, and simply stay in consciousness. 

    A peculiar thing happens, for anyone who seriously practises this way: little by little, it becomes clear that thinking is not what consciousness is.  Thinking is not possible without consciousness, but thinking does not create consciousness. Consciousness is bigger than the thinking mind. 

    When that realisation dawns, we begin to reevaluate a great many of the views about ourselves that we simply took for granted. And we begin to see others in a new and realistic light, too.

  • Meditation Teacher Training

    Learn to teach Meditation 

    Teaching meditation and mindfulness is wonderful work. Training with us is comprehensive and teaches you more about meditation and mindfulness than what you currently know and practice; teach the way you prefer, from the whole scope of meditation and mindfulness.

    The program is endorsed by Meditation Australia, and by the end, you will have a comprehensive understanding of meditation, both modern and ancient - leaving you free to teach the approach that best suits you.


    Contact us  for a conversation about the 2019 intake

      Call : (03) 9878 8302

    Email:  meditate@blackburnmeditation.com.au


  • Sitting with others in Meditation

    It is good, pleasurable in fact, to sit to meditate with others. No matter where you have learnt to meditate, you may well like to sit in a group with others meditating. Oddly, people meditating together feel very connected, even though meditation is a non-talking practice!

    Here are some times at the Blackburn room where you are invited to do just that, without any fee:

    Sundays at 8.00am

    Fridays at 7.00 pm
    Friday evening meditations. Read more

  • Classes are taught by Mataji

    30 years experience

    BA, Grad Dip Arts (Social Science), Postgrad Dip Health Psych

    Member Meditation Australia