• Still Mind Meditation Retreat, Bendigo February 2021

  • Reaching the consciousness that is deeper than thinking; the Being which is more stable than your personality

  • A weekend of immersion in peace of mind. Finding out more about how to live from the new perspective where the ego is object and self is quiet awareness.

    At Aligning Health Centre, Axedale (near Bendigo): 4.00 pm Friday 12th February to 3.00 pm Sunday 14th February

    This Meditation Retreat is a time to meditate, walk, relax, and find the true peace of your own consciousness.

    There will be time for yourself, at the deepest level, through the programmed sessions, and also quiet time walking, alone or with a congenial companion, or just sitting by yourself.

    If you wish, you may book a half-hour private chat with Mataji, for no fee; a chat with her often helps people put things into perspective.

    The program will include twice daily still-mind meditation, and a program of explorations of how the deep stillness of meditation can be experienced in daily life, and what difference it makes to your idea of yourself and the world.

    As well as the formal program: 

    • A yoga class will be on the menu for those who like it.
    • In free time, walk in the surrounding area. Axedale, near Bendigo, tends to be dry scrubland Australian bush, which has its own beauty. Or (with appropriate clothing – usually bathers) jump into the spa, which is free for retreat attendees. Bring your own towel for the spa.
    • Or book a massage with an Aligning Health masseur, for a fee.
    • Saturday evening will include a Yagna – a fire ceremony. Often people like to consider what they might like to release in their lives by writing a private note about their out-dated patterns, then ritually offering it to the cleansing fire.


  • Why people come to this retreat

    I just want to hang out in a meditative environment:

    Ok, that’s certainly what you’ll get.  Meditators make good company. Particularly if they are not restricted to any particular belief system, but are open to reality.


    Never meditated before?

    Not sure how to meditate? Don’t worry, the easiest way to meditate is with others.  Somehow, we fall into meditation, when everyone else is too.  Let Mataji or Danni know if you are a real beginner… we’ll be gentle!


    Not sure what sort of meditation this retreat will do?

    Well, principally stillness of mind.  Why?  Because consciousness is bigger than thinking, and it is very easy to plunge into it.  However, if requested, we might lead another method from time to time.


    I don’t want any spiritual hocus pocus

    Ok…what about being ok with reality?  That’s the highest spirituality.  But as a poet (TS Eliot) once said “mankind cannot bear very much reality”. Supposing you decided to set your sights on reality? And here is an abundance of nature to contemplate if you tire of talking.


    I do want spirituality:

    Same deal.  How much reality can you bear? The highest spirituality is reality. And the highest reality is not distorted by someone’s point of view.

    I want mindfulness rather than meditation?

    Mindfulness is meditation while active. We eat mindfully, walk mindfully. and we can practice mindfulness as a form of meditation, starting with deep non-critical sensory awareness. It is good to sit in real stillness as well, though. Mindfulness is an outcome of meditation, rather than vice versa.

    I’m a meditation teacher, what’s in this meditation retreat for me?

    It’s great if you are a meditation teacher. There is a difference between still-mind meditation, and all the many other varieties.  We can explore that.

  • Practical Matters


    The retreat is fully catered, on vegetarian Ayurvedic principles.  If you have a particular wish for some foods (chocolate?) bring your own comfort goodies.

    If you have a particular dietary requirement, let  us know at least a fortnight before time so that it can be arranged.

    We might add some bread and spreads or other items to the catered fare….


    All rooms are reverse-cycle airconditioned, with ensuite. All are twin-share. All linen and towels provided; bring your own towel if you have a preference. Bring your own toothbrush and toothpaste.  And your own shampoo and soap if you have a preference, otherwise normal hotel provisions apply.

    Time, Fees and Booking


    February 12th -14th  2021 at Aligning Health Centre, in Axedale (near Bendigo)

    You can access your accommodation any time after 3.00 pm on Friday, and we leave at 3.00 pm on Sunday. The program starts at 5.00 pm Friday (though people arrive as their working hours permit ) and finishes at 2.30 Sunday


    $450; concession $425

    Early Bird $425 until 15th January


    email info@classicalyoga.com.au or Ph 9833 4050