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    Learn Resilience

    • Find out areas where you are un-resilient or stress-prone
    • Discover the learnt reactions that maintain those vulnerabilities
    • Learn tools for recognising them and making new patterns for yourself


    Resilience Practice Groups

    • Sit with others who are determined to make the same life-changes
    • Reinforce  your own learning and share the load
    • Exchange aha moments with each other. And triumphs, too!
  • Learn Resilience

    Starts: 1st May 2019
    Length:  75 minutes
    Time:  Thursdays 10.am or 6:30pm
    Location: 6A Main St  Blackburn
    Teacher: Mataji

  • Resilience Practice Groups

    Starts: SECOND TERM 2019
    Length:  60 minutes

    Eight weeks starting Tuesday TBA

    Tuesday Morning:  11.30 am at   2/6 The Highway Mt Waverley

    Tuesday Night: 6.30 pm at  6A Main St Blackburn

    Teacher: Mataji

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