• Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness has also been called “awareness”, or “witness consciousness”.  These are traditional ways of describing an aspect of meditation that is about observing the mind while it is active, observing the mind creating its sense of self and others while it is actually doing it. From meditation, we recognise that thoughts are not facts, and so the thought-constructed ideas of who we are, and what others are like, have a fanciful element in them. Through mindfulness we recognise that judgments and reactions based on our thoughts and opinions only spoil our lives and relationships.

    Sitting in a Mindfulness and Resilience group is a very safe and supportive place to venture into mindful awareness and mindful exploration of our reactions and judgments. We develop a more flexible, more robust capacity to deal with whatever our situation happens to be. We also become more resilient.  If you wish, you may take the Learn Resilience course - Mindfulness and Resilience go hand in hand!